Our guides

Irru Tanase

Eng, Sp, Fr, Ro

I have studied and worked in Interior design, but I left that into the background and started travelling and taking seasonal jobs around 3 years ago. I have worked mostly outdoors in tourism, for the curiosity and pleasure of being outdoors and sharing time with different people. I ended up considering Spain my new home and have been living in Barcelona for approximately a year now. I like to travel throughout the country as well, Spain is so much more than Barcelona, but I don´t always have the time to do that. I am passionate about the architecture, design and food in the city, but also everywhere else around the world. At the moment I teach English a few hours per week, and the rest of my time I spend it climbing. Over the past 2 years, I came back and forth from Switzerland, where I worked with Village Camps, an international outdoor education company based in Leysin. I also worked as a ski instructor and as a guide at home in Brasov, Romania, which is a beautiful old fortress town/city in the heart of the Carpathians.

Olesya Rassokhina

Ru, Eng, Sp, Cat, Swe

Based in Barcelona since February 2008 and completely in love with this gorgeous city. I am a happy and friendly person and I enjoy meeting new people and listening to their personal stories. Despite having lived in different cities, I still believe that Barcelona is one of the best, and I'm looking forward to show you why! I’m passionate about history, literature, music, travelling and many other things. That’s why I studied for being a guide in Barcelona. Love the pretty yet unknown places. As I’m working for several years in tourism, I can show you the best authentic and hidden spots out of the beaten tracks of Barcelona.

Ksenia Parfenova

Ru, Eng, Ger, Sp

At the age of 19 years I first traveled to Europe. I lived in different cities in Germany and the last 11 years in Barcelona. In winter months I work in as a ski instructor in Germany and in summer I make tours all over Catalunia and Barcelona. For almost 2 years I also work with a German travel agency and have been in Italy, France, Sweden, Russia, Lithuania, Lettland, Georgien, Greece etc. For the next year the trips to Vietnam, China, Columbia, Seychelles are planned. 4 years ago I had an chance to create my own travel agency and offer alternative tours around Catalunia and Barcelona. My idea is that everyone can buy a city tours and become the first information about the city and region. I think, that this country has a lot of opportunities. It offers lots of things to see, either from the cultural, historical, geographic or gastronomic points of view. First, Step and Look was specialized on individual tours but from this year we also offer the group tours. I invite you to travel with us and feel yourself in Catalunia as at home.


Leila loves travelling abroad and getting to know new cultures, traditions and food. Prior to living in Spain she has lived in 5 different countries and visited many more. She has an affinity for history and likes to share her knowledge with others. Leila believes that one can truly get to know a new city by exploring hidden streets and off-beat paths.


Taras travels a lot in Spain, is interested in world architecture and architects! With pleasure, spend the weekend in the mountains, conquering new peaks!